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At Zurich we truly value and embrace inclusivity. We believe that diversity and inclusivity is not just a buzzword, but a fundamental aspect of our culture and success. We have partnered with Purple Tuesday, a global social movement which focuses on enhancing the customer experience of people of determination (POD) . Through this partnership we strive to create an inclusive and accessible environment for all customers, especially POD and their families. We are fully committed to raising awareness, promoting a deeper understanding, and adapting our solutions to provide improved accessibility for POD.

Zurich Purple champions

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve the experience of POD customers we formed the Purple champions who are our key front-line employees and trained them to provide more inclusive customer experience. The training sessions aimed to enhance the communication skills when interacting with POD.

Inclusive content

In 2022, we collaborated with Victor Sitali and created three video with sign language as part of our inclusive content. Victor is a fine artist and holds a BA in Graphic Design. Born and raised in Zambia, he has been living and working in the UAE for over 10 years. Hearing impaired since the age of three, he found a way to express himself through painting seven years ago. His motto is “My voice is heard through the work of my hands.”

 insurance specialists

Zurich Purple advocacy group

In 2023, we established the Zurich Purple advocacy group, comprised of PODs and POD carers. The primary objective of this group was to gain insights into the customer experience of PODs and POD carers when accessing insurance in the UAE, and to identify areas where Zurich Middle East could enhance their overall experience. Through extensive interactions and focus-group discussions, we have identified five key opportunities for improvement. These opportunities will be implemented throughout 2023-24, allowing us to enhance the experience of PODs and POD carers with Zurich Middle East.


Celebrating Purple Tuesday at Zurich Middle East


Message from our CEO

At Zurich, we recognise the importance of enabling the communities we operate in. To this end, we are proud to take concrete steps toward improving the experiences of people of determination by involving different levels of the organisation and reiterating the importance of empathy and customer centricity in the insurance business. We believe the collaboration between Zurich and Purple Tuesday is a strong statement on inclusion, and by pooling together our collective strength, we will achieve greater social impact.