We’ve paid customer claims amounting to more than

USD 210 million,
with 98% of all life claims paid out.

Our data shows some concerning health trends
1 out of 4

men have claimed for cancer. Prostate and stomach cancer are the second leading causes of critical illness claims in men.


leading cause of cancer amongst women is ovarian cancer 

Some things didn’t change

Heart attack, stroke and cancer remain the leading cause of life and critical illness claims in the region.


Life claims


Critical illness claims

The reality of death

Leading causes of death claims that are paid out in the Middle East

Every year, it’s happening sooner

The inevitability of life

Leading causes of critical illness claims in the Middle East. We call these living benefits.Which means customers get access to money from their policy if they get a serious illness.

The uncertainty of life

Zurich offers free children’s critical illness cover for up to three children when you take a critical illness benefit on a whole of life policy or a critical illness protection plan. Cover is up to USD 15,000.

Claims you can count on

Over the last three years, we’ve provided our customers in the Middle East with benefits totaling over USD 210 million.

This includes USD 40m that we’ve paid our Group Life customer.

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We’ll ensure

You’re paid... on time ...wherever you are


of all life claims paid

Unpaid claims were due to non-disclosure or fraud


average time to pay a claim

This is based on receipt of all documents



Claims payments made will be subject to any applicable trade or economic sanctions

Come as you are

Even if you have preexisting conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, hypertension or lipid disorders.

This will be subject to further underwriting which could expose you to additional premiums, underwriting rating and addendums to your policy.

of all applications received are accepted by us

How much is enough?


Only 12% of critical illness claims paid out are more than USD 200,000.


Only 39% of life claims are more than USD 200,000.

Is this enough to secure the financial future of your loved ones?

Remember to take care of the people who take care of you.

Insuring your non-earning family members provides you with the cushioning you need if the unthinkable happens.

Know what you’ll need

The insurance coverage that you take should cover your current and future financial obligations.

For a detailed assessment of your insurance needs, please seek advise from your financial advisor.

A case for living benefits

A living benefit, is an insurance add-on that’s made for you to take advantage of while you’re still alive.

These could include coverage for:

  • Critical illness
  • Terminal illness
  • Permanent total disability
  • Hospitalization
  • Accidental dismemberment 
  • Waiver of premium

For the first time, we’ve observed that claims for living benefits have crossed claims for life insurance.


of all claims paid out are living benefits

Our customers explain all of this better

Pratik Desai
Pratik Desai

“I don’t know what the future holds, but I know it is financially secure”

Summer Yin
Summer Yin

“Life insurance is like an umbrella to protect my family”

Kiran Joshi
Kiran Joshi

“Securing my future helped me face life’s uncertainty”

Life and living solutions, built for you

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