International Term Assurance (ITA) and International Decreasing Term Assurance (IDTA)

If you pass away during the term of your policy, we’ll pay out a cash lump sum – it’s as simple as that.

The difference between the two? With ITA, the amount of cover is fixed for the whole term, whereas with IDTA, the amount decreases over the term by a rate that you choose. IDTA can be a better fit for loan protection where the amount you owe also decreases over time.

product _ icon tick green bg  What’s covered

Protection if you pass away
We’ll pay out a lump sum if you pass away during the policy term.

Protection if you get seriously ill
ITA and IDTA offer a range of additional cover options, including critical illness cover which would pay out upon the diagnosis of diseases such as cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Flexible length of cover
You can choose the length of cover you need – from short-term up to 35 years.

Choose your beneficiary 
The beneficiary of your life insurance policy is the person or party that we’ll pay the lump sum to when you pass away. This could be a loved one or a bank if you're paying off a mortgage.

For a full understanding of the products, please refer to the policy terms and conditions.

product _ icon stop  What’s not covered

Unfortunately, we can’t cover all circumstances, including:

Not paying your premiums
If your payments stop, so does your cover.

Death outside the policy term
You choose how long your policy lasts. Once it ends, your cover will stop and we won’t pay if you pass away after this time.

Suicide and self-inflicted injuries
You won’t be covered if you die as a result of suicide or intentional, self-inflicted injury within the first year of the policy.

If you aren’t completely honest with us
As part of your application, we’ll ask you about your health and lifestyle. Your answers determine how much your plan will cost. If you're dishonest, we might not be able to pay your claim.

Tailor your plan to suit your needs

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Pay monthly or yearly, whatever suits you

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Insure your partner at the same time

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Add permanent total disability cover

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Add waiver of premium cover

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Choose your currency

Everyone's different. We want to protect everyone.

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Source: Based on Zurich internal data as of August 2021.

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