Simple Wealth

Simple Wealth is a single premium investment product. With this plan, you start investing with a minimum of USD 15,000 with the option to add more as you go along. Simple Wealth lets you invest in one or more funds managed by Zurich.

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Simple Wealth could be right for you if:

You’ve built up a savings amount that you want to invest, perhaps for the first time
Simple Wealth is a good choice for a first-time investor as the minimum investment amount is targeted to be lower than that of similar products in the market.

You accept a level of risk for the potential of better growth relative to a savings account
Investing in funds involves a degree of risk – funds can go down as well as up. Each fund has its own risk rating, and our dedicated advisers can help you understand what the right level of risk for you is.

You have a time horizon of 5 or more years
If your savings are for things such as building a retirement pot, a house purchase or mortgage settlement, a lump sum investment for a period of several years like what you get with Simple Wealth could be a good fit.

For a full understanding of the products, please refer to the policy terms and conditions.

product _ icon stop  Who isn’t it for?

Simple Wealth might not be right for you if:

You’re an experienced investor
Simple Wealth has a range of funds aimed at first-time investors. An experienced investor might be looking for broader options.

You aren’t prepared for funds to fall in value
Investments go up and down in value. If you’re not comfortable with the possibility that there can be periods where your investment is worth less than you put in, then you might want to consider alternative savings options.

You want to contribute a fixed amount of money on a monthly or quarterly basis
For this need, a regular savings plan such as Global Choice or Regular Savings Plan may be a better fit than a single premium investment plan.

Tailor your plan to suit your needs

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Start with a one-time investment and add more whenever you want

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Get a joint plan with your partner

Everyone has different goals. We want to help you save for yours.

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Source: Based on Zurich internal data as of August 2021.

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