Take control of your future
Become a smart investor

Learning to invest is one way to level up your lifestyle.

We’ve created the Smart Investor series to help you learn about investment principles, empowering you to achieve your financial goals.

Investing made simple

Have you defined your life goals?

We all have goals to achieve, but how do we get there? Whether it's a cozy retirement, a home in your favourite city, or your child's education, the first step is setting priorities, time frames, and an investment style that suits your comfort level.

Watch Ayman explain the key factors to consider as you start your journey.

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Is your bank balance losing its value?

Inflation is one of those things that can creep up and affect our lifestyle, as prices of groceries and services usually rise with time. It’s important that your money maintains its value over time.

Ayman shows you how investing can help defend your savings against inflation.

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How long should you invest for?

Well, it all depends on your financial goals and timeframe. In the short-term you could see market fluctuations, however, over the years these tend to smoothen out and there is potential for you to make gains over the long-term.

Ashika takes you through this roller-coaster ride of investment markets.

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Is regularly investing a good strategy?

Don’t wait to save a large amount of money to start investing. Steady and disciplined investing puts your money to work sooner, and can bring more value to your wealth over time.

Ashika explains the advantages of regular investing and dollar-cost averaging.

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Want to achieve more with your investments?

Investments can be a complex subject to master. Our experts have put together a helpful guide covering the fundamentals of investing. Use these simple tips to invest your savings with confidence.