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Sustainability at Zurich

Let’s create a brighter future together

Sustainability is about how we do business as an insurer, investor, employer, and a member of society. Our purpose inspires us to transform our business and embrace positive impact for us all. We want to partner with you to drive meaningful change, so we can all thrive today and in the future.

Focusing on what matters most

Insurance serves as a societal safety net for all of us. We use our risk management expertise to help build resilience to climate change, improve health and wellbeing, manage societal issues, and reduce economic risks. With changing customer expectations and a growing demand for social and environmental engagement, sustainability is increasingly becoming a driver for value creation.

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Our commitments in the Middle East

Zurich Middle East pledges to MOCCAE | Zurich Insurance Company UAE

The UAE Climate-Responsible Companies, launched by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE), is a national commitment made by companies to set and meet science-based targets in line with the UAE government's goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

As the first insurance company to sign the pledge, Zurich is committed to taking measured actions to address climate change and to being a leader in sustainable development.


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Zurich Life Insurance joins UACA | Life Insurance Policy

Zurich joined the UAE Alliance for Climate Action (UACA) as an important next step following our commitment to the UAE Climate-Responsible Companies Pledge. The UAE Alliance for Climate Action (UACA) is Emirates Nature-WWF's flagship programme for COP28 and a pivotal force driving the implementation of the Paris Agreement. This initiative brings together non-state and sub-national actors under the global Alliances for Climate Action, and it plays a critical role in accelerating the transition to a net-zero world with the RacetoZero campaign.

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"We’re growing our business responsibly and committed to harnessing the power of sustainable practices to drive innovation, resilience, and enduring success."

Mufazzal Kajiji

CEO - Zurich Middle East


It's time to act for people and planet

Our employees are taking actions in the local communities.
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Our employees planted 250 seeds under the ‘Give a Ghaf’ program in the UAE. We’ve planted over 2,100+ trees across the UAE, Philippines, Ecuador and Kenya. Under the Zurich Forest Project, we’ve committed to plant and restore forests in various locations around the world to address climate change, promote biodiversity, and support communities through these reforestation efforts.

UAE Bees Association

Our people had a buzzing volunteering experience at the UAE Beekeepers Association, an organization dedicated to promoting apiculture and supporting beekeepers in the UAE. A few of our employees completed the novice beekeeper’s course. Bees play an important role in the ecosystem, most importantly as pollinators, ensuring the reproduction of many crops we depend on for food.

Purple Tuesday

We have joined the Purple Tuesday global social movement for improving the customer experience for disabled people and their families. Our key front-line employees have been trained to provide a more inclusive customer experience for people of determination. We’ve pledged to foster awareness, deepen understanding, and reshape our solutions to offer enhanced accessibility to people of determination.

Zurich cares

Our ‘Zurich Cares’ initiative encourages employees to contribute at least one workday towards community service and volunteering. During Ramadan our people helped pack hundreds of iftar meals for distribution at labour camps in collaboration with Goumbook. Through these collective efforts, we're nurturing community awareness and active engagement among our employees.

Our group sustainability strategy

Sustainability is part of our company DNA. We’ve integrated three transformational themes in our sustainability strategy that we believe are all very important for our future.

Sustainability framework | Life Insurance Company Dubai
Savings Investment Plan | Retirement Saving Plan


Mitigate and adapt to climate change.

We will focus on achieving net-zero outcomes which have a positive impact on nature, while also helping to improve the resilience of our planet and society.

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Support the transformation towards a sustainable future.

Working closely with our customers, we will grow solutions that support customers’ transition to a net-zero future, while also encouraging people to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, enabling them to thrive today and flourish tomorrow.

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Future proof our people and enable more to thrive.

As a global employer and provider of protection solutions to millions of people, we seek to create a more skilled and inclusive society in our workforce and communities. We’ll future proof our people and enable more to thrive.

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Our group-wide sustainability targets

Zurich's commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by our comprehensive reporting practices. We aggregate our sustainability reporting at the group level to capture and assess our progress towards our goal of becoming one of the most responsible and impactful businesses in the world. Our reporting is aligned with our strategic pillars and focuses on three key elements: Planet, Customer, and People. By organising our reporting into these categories, we hope to achieve long-term results that benefit the planet, our customers, and people.

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Measuring our ambition

Regular Savings Plan by Zurich | Retirement Saving Plan | Zurich Middle East


  • Net-zero operations by 2030.
  • Net-zero investments and underwriting by 2050.
  • Interim 2025 targets set for operations and investments.
  • Interim targets for underwriting to be set by 2024.
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Sustainability reporting captures Zurich’s progress toward its ambition to be one of the most responsible and impactful businesses in the world. Based on our strategic pillars, we cluster our reporting by reflecting outcomes that benefit the planet, customers and people in the long term.

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Accelerating the Climate Transition

The transition to net-zero is a particularly complex challenge that will require significant investment, innovative solutions and bold initiatives if it is to succeed. Our new paper examines how far the industry has come on the road to net-zero – and how far it still needs to go. It’s based on a survey of sustainability executives and is packed with valuable insights that are essential to navigate the transition.

See the global reportDive into our 2023 UAE insights
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Zurich Group sustainability report 2022

This report describes progress the Zurich Group has made towards our sustainability goals around the world.


The Zurich Group recognizes the growing number of social challenges and makes a contribution worldwide, with our employees and the Z Zurich Foundation. Focussing on helping people adapt to climate change, improving mental wellbeing, and enabling social equity, the Z Zurich Foundation aims to create a more sustainable and equitable world.

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