The life of your company, is a life worth insuring

Group life

The life of your company, is a life worth insuring


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Enhance your employee benefits with group life

In a highly competitive employment market, a good employee benefits package helps your business attract and retain talent, fostering a happier and more productive workforce.

Our group life solution offers financial security to your employees against loss of life, a terminal illness and disability, giving them and their families financial support when they need it the most.

We provide a comprehensive global coverage in a single policy, helping you reduce costs and simplify administration. Our employee benefit experts give you specialised support to meet your specific needs.

Take care of your people, wherever they work

Group life is an insurance cover that provides a lump sum payment to your employee’s family in the unfortunate event of death and can include an additional payment to cover transport expenses of sending the deceased’s body to their home country.

You can make this cover more comprehensive by adding optional benefits including terminal illness and disability cover, which can provide a lump sum payment or income replacement to your employee, if diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or a disability.

Protect your people against life’s uncertainties, inspiring confidence for a productive workforce.


Additional financial security with our range of optional benefits

Group life cover

A lump sum payable in the event of the death of an employee due to illness or accident.

Permanent partial and total disability

Provides a lump sum payment if your employee is totally or partially disabled due to accident or illness, such that they are unable to work.

Temporary total disability

Provides a payment to the employer for up to two years to help meet the salary costs of your employee if they become totally disabled due to an accident or illness.

Accidental death cover

This benefit provides an additional lump sum (over the group life cover) if one of your employees dies as a result of an accident.

Accidental dismemberment cover

Often written as a combination with accidental death, this cover provides a lump sum if any of your employees suffer a dismemberment due to an accident.

Income protection

Pays a percentage of continued income if illness or injury prevents an employee from working for a prolonged period of time.

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