Term Assurance Insurance

International Term Assurance (ITA) -
financial security for your loved ones during your working years

If you have not built up enough wealth to ensure the financial security of your loved ones should something happen to you,
then term life insurance could be a good choice.

  • If you need a plan to protect yourself or your family for a specific period of time

  • If you want to protect a loan or a mortgage

  • If you need a simple and effective plan to manage with no cash value

  • Peace of mind that you’re protected from life’s uncertainties

  • A range of additional options to choose from that can protect your income

  • Free Terminal illness cover and immediate coverage after signing

We have made it easier than ever to make the right decision on the cover you need. Use our calculator to determine how much cover you need.

This tool is designed to provide an estimate of the amount of life cover which you might need. This does not constitute financial advice. You should assess the level of cover appropriate with your specific circumstances with a financial professional.

You are in safe hands

You are in safe hands

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We do the right things

We do the right thing

Over the past three years, we have paid USD 111 million in Life and Critical illness benefits to our customers in the Middle East

We are here for you.

We are here for you

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