Retirement saving plans

Approaching retirement

Live the life you choose in retirement

At Zurich, we can help you enjoy every moment of your hard earned freedom and achieve your retirement goals. We can also help your spouse meet expenses and save for retirement should something happen to you.

Saving for retirement

Why you should consider life insurance and savings plans as you approach retirement:


Retirement calculator

To boost your retirement savings

If your kids have moved out of the house and are no longer dependent on you, your day to day expenses should decrease substantially. Now would be an ideal time to use the money you save to boost your retirement savings.

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Legacy planning

To secure your legacy planning

Make plans to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of and getting the maximum benefit from your assets once you are gone. It's crucial that your legacy is well protected and secure. your legacy is well protected 

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Long-term care

To plan long-term care

How will you cope with the costs of paying for long-term care, either for yourself or a loved one? This should be an important consideration when planning for the future.

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