As a parent, providing your children with the best possible education is your utmost priority. At the same time it is one of your biggest financial liabilities.

With educational costs continuing to rise, it is estimated that it would cost up to AED 1 million to put a child through their school years. The cost of your child’s education in the future is likely to be much more than the prevailing educational fee today.

Simplifying the cost of education
of parents worry about how they will manage their child’s higher education with the increasing tuition fees globally.

of parents are not confident that they will be able to financially support their child’s higher education.

65%of parents feel that tuition fees is their main concern in planning for their child’s higher education.

of parents utilize and depend on their monthly salary for their child’s education.
of parents use over 40% of their household income for their child's schooling.
of parents haven’t invested in a savings plan for their child’s education.
Source: Zurich YouGov survey 2022
Understanding the cost of education
Rotate, zoom in or zoom out the globe and click on a country to understand the breakup of tuition fees and living expenses for a full undergraduate course.
AED 117,440
tuition fees per year
AED 105,513
living expenses per year
AED 222,953
total per year (tuition + living expenses)
AED 891,810
total undergraduate degree
It’s never too early to start saving
Find out how much you need to save for your child’s education by using our calculator.
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I’d like my child to go to university in
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