What is Investars?

Investars is where the world of investments meets fun. Take part in the game and manage a portfolio of real-life funds by investing USD 100,000 worth of virtual money.

Halfway through the game, you will get to rebalance your portfolio.

Try your best to make the highest returns against your classmates. You have 6 weeks to do so. If you do, a grand prize of AED 1000 to spend at Dubai Mall is yours for the taking.

Most importantly, get ready for life as a successful investor.

Want to know who’s leading? You’re in the right place. This leaderboard will be updated weekly, so keep checking in!

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Defining your
investment goals

Discipline matters

Respect the risk!

Find the balance

Diversification is key

We’ve hand-picked a few websites that break down investing, and serve as a guide for managing your finances.

tools-and-guides tools-and-guides

Learn how to plan, start and manage your savings with us. Get the best idea of where and how to start planning for your dreams in bite-sized, easy-to-understand videos.


Financial advice from Mr. Money Mustache himself. Get first hand lessons from a man who’s been through it all, in the most convenient way. You can check his website, subscribe to the RSS feed, download the app and even follow him on Twitter!

Behavior tools-and-guides

Subscribe to the Behavior Gap email and receive daily coverage on topics like money, creativity, happiness or health. Understand the ins and outs of future financial planning through simple sketches and easy to understand advice.


Money made clear, from millennials who understand that money matters can be intimidating. Money Lens guides you through everything you need to know about personal finances with easy to follow articles and tips.

Learn more about Investars and how to invest



Learn more about Investars and how to invest