What is Investars?

Investars is where the world of investments meets fun. Watch a recap of Investars 2018 and see how the students of GEMS Wellington International School learned to be #ReadyForLife as successful investors through play.

Investars Premier League 2019

It’s a new year and another $100,000 for the portfolios - the ultimate Investors Premier League is here! This time around, the students and teachers of GEMS Wellington International School compete to get the most out of their investments.Each student team is mentored by an Asset Manager from Fidelity International, Schroders or Franklin Templeton during the six week programme in order to invest their capital effectively. Who will win? The best average return will tell. Take a look at the teams.

How to play 

Build an investment portfolio, rebalance and view your individual and team performance right here! Before you get started, click on the tabs below to check out the rules of the game and get the full list of funds you can invest in. You can also learn more about investing and how to build your portfolio from a range of useful online resources. Want to know who’s leading? You’re in the right place. Login to the Investars Game Portal to view your portfolio performance and see how your team is tracking.


Defining your
investment goals

Circle One

Discipline matters

Circle Five

Respect the risk!

Circle Two

Find the balance

Circle Four
Circle Three

Diversification is key

We’ve hand-picked a few websites that break down investing, and serve as a guide for managing your finances.


Learn how to plan, start and manage your savings with us. Get the best idea of where and how to start planning for your dreams in bite-sized, easy-to-understand videos, that might help you decide on your goals and long-term objectives.

understanding investing tools-and-guides

Most of us earn money by working. Investing gets your money working for you, growing over time and building your wealth and investIQ will help you understand just how to do that.

your guide to stock investing tools-and-guides

An all-you-want-to-know guide to stock investing, understating stock market volatility and key stock investing terms, starting with the first question on the list: what are stocks?

bond investing made simple tools-and-guides

It’s easy to get lost in all the investing jargon. Stocks, equities, and now bonds. So here’s some material that makes Bond Investing a little easier to take in.

6 barriers to investment success tools-and-guides

Hey, we all want to make as much out of investing as possible. But did you ever think your own brain might be working against you? Read all about correcting your behavioral biases to invest effectively.

the power of perseverance tools-and-guides

Perseverance. There’s a reason they teach it in school. Determination is even more important when it comes to investing than you might think. Here are some facts to support this.

mr money mustache tools-and-guides

Financial advice from Mr. Money Mustache himself. Get first hand lessons from a man who’s been through it all, in the most convenient way. You can check his website, subscribe to the RSS feed, download the app and even follow him on Twitter!

money lens tools-and-guides

Money made clear, from millennials who understand that money matters can be intimidating. Money Lens guides you through everything you need to know about personal finances with personalised articles and easy-to-understand tips.

global investor study 2019 tools-and-guides

Investments are all about the numbers. Learn about investment behavior and biases that might be impacting the way you manage your portfolio from the answers of over 25,000 people across 32 countries.

building a diversified portfolio tools-and-guides

What’s the first rule of investing? Diversify, diversify, diversify. But why do you do it and more importantly how? Read all about the Importance of Diversification.

how income and yield differ tools-and-guides

Ever made an omelette? Well, then you might know a little something about income and yield. This Q&A will help you understand and make informed decisions before investing in income funds, through its simple interview style format.

compounding in action tools-and-guides

Sometimes you just need a change of beat. But when it comes to investing, staying the course may actually make a lot more sense in the long term. Here’s why.

87 years of bulls and bears tools-and-guides

The age old “No pain, no gain” saying - does it apply to you? Although risk and return are very closely related in investing, just how far does a successful investor go? Find a plan that’s right for you here.

behavior gap tools-and-guides

Financial advice straight from the horse’s mouth. Learn all about investment, ideas, behaviour and value, from a host of senior speakers, one video at a time.

Learn more about Investars and how to invest



Learn more about Investars and how to invest