YourLife. Life insurance for you

YourLife is an instant, simple and affordable life insurance policy designed to protect your loved ones against the financial impact of your death. Without the need for medical tests, YourLife gets you covered for the selected term online, in three easy steps. Open to all UAE residents, cover starts at less than AED2 per day.


Online Cover

YourLife comes in simple packages with different levels of cover. The cover you need depends on factors like your income, the size of your family or any loans you may have.

Paving the way for the next generation is part and parcel of our progress through life. As we get older, we wish for the success and prosperity of our children and grandchildren. It is important to plan for the future and ensure your family is taken care of.

Excerpt- “To calculate your cover amount, use our simple Needs profiler tool.

As soon as you know the right cover for you, you’re all set to get YourLife. It will take you 5 minutes to start your cover and be #readyforlife.

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