Regular Savings Plan – A savings and investment plan designed to help you save regularly with the aim to grow your money over the medium to long term.

You may have set many life goals for yourself, like buying a dream home, providing the best education for your children or a comfortable retirement. Regular Savings Plan is a structured, goal-based regular savings solution that can help you reach your financial goals.

Achieve your life goals: Save regularly until you complete your target savings which will help you fund your children’s university education, a comfortable retirement or achieve any other life goals you may have.

Customised plan to suit you: Based on your needs you decide the length of your plan, the amount, frequency and currency you save in, so that you can reach your target fund. Whether you’re considering this as your retirement plan or a child education savings plan, this solution will fit your purpose seamlessly.
Even after you complete your savings term your money remains invested as this is a whole of life plan.

Risk-rated fund options: The money you save is invested in funds which are carefully selected by you with the help of your financial professional. You can actively manage your investment portfolio online and keep track of the performance.

Access your savings if you need to: You can make regular withdrawals, partial withdrawals or a full withdrawal without any charge once you have completed your regular savings term.
There will be a charge if you take out money before your payment term has completed. It is important to keep saving as planned so that you achieve your future goals.

Death benefit: This provides a payment on death to the chosen beneficiary of at least the policy value at the time of the claim.

Option to choose Waiver of premium: This benefit helps protect your savings goal if you are unable to save due to a disability caused by an illness or accident. This optional benefit has an additional charge and is defined in the Policy Key Features and Terms and Conditions.

Free Medical second opinion service: When you are facing a critical medical decision for your or your family – whether an important health question or a serious diagnosis – getting it right is everything. We connect you to thousands of world-renowned medical experts. As a result, this provides additional comfort in having more than one opinion.

Secure online access: Keep up to date with your policy online through Zurich International Online (ZIO) once we issue your policy. You can manage your funds, make requests, update your information with a secure access. To register, click on ‘Login’ and follow the instructions.

Whatever your goal, you should have an idea of how much you need to save. Take your first step here:

See how your money could grow as you move towards retirement. Enter a lump sum or a monthly amount into our calculator and find out how much your savings might be worth in the future.

This calculator is purely for illustration purposes only and does not constitute advice or guarantee amounts.

See how much you need to save to make higher education a reality for your children:

This calculator is purely for illustration purposes only and does not constitute advice or guarantee amounts.