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Vista – the easiest way to save for the important things in life

Save with Vista – the term-based savings plan. Intended to help grow your money over medium to long term.

You can bring your financial goals to life with Vista.

Why do we say that? Planning for retirement, ensuring your child receives top quality education or planning to open your own business all needs significant amount of savings to achieve them.

We have specifically designed Vista to reward you for saving consistently and staying committed to your plan.

Vista will constantly:

  • Help you to save with discipline to achieve your goals
  • Allow you to ramp up your savings by making one-off investment amounts
  • Give you the access to a variety of investment funds. From low-risk to more specialized fund options, you’ll be able to choose the right funds that match how you feel about investment risk
  • Reward you with a welcome bonus along with loyalty bonuses as you keep going
  • Protect your future with free accidental death benefit and option of additional life cover – to build towards that goal and secure it

If you are looking to put aside your excess income today for a point in the future – and grow it, Vista could be part of your financial plans. Its aim is to help you meet your future goals in a structured manner.

Key benefits that you can attain are:

Grow the value of your money

Investing your money into funds can grow the value of your investment faster than a bank deposit. Vista gives you access to funds from some of the largest and renowned asset management firms. Ranging from low-risk to more specialized funds, we have options that suit a wide variety of risk appetites.

If you would like to know your attitude towards investment risk, check out our Risk Profiler tool at

Generous bonuses

Starting from Welcome bonus to 5 years periodic Loyalty Bonus and finally Maturity Bonus (at the end your policy) means your goals are not just a dream anymore.

A plan made by you, for you

You can tailor the plan to suit your preferences - duration of plan, amount you pay in, frequency of your payments and your currency. With free fund switches, you can actively manage your fund choice to get the best results.

Access to cash

In case of emergencies, you can withdraw cash from the plan. The amount will depend on how long you are into the plan and how much you have invested.

Since this is a regular premium savings plan, it is important to note that paying premiums as planned through the term of plan will help you achieve your identified future goal.

More peace of mind

When you start the plan, you can choose to protect yourself against death or any profound disability.

See how your money could grow towards different goals

It may seem like a long way off but making provisions for your retirement early means that you can enjoy a higher standard of living when you stop earning.

Find out how much you need to save

The benefit of a top quality education is perhaps the greatest gift you can give your children but many parents are often surprised at the high cost of putting their children through university or college.

Find out what it may cost

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