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Vista – the easiest way to save for the important things in life

Successful saving takes discipline, and with Vista we can help you stay on track.

Whether you are planning for an early retirement, ensuring your children are well educated, taking a career break or traveling the world, making these goals a reality depends on your willingness to plan and save. If you start saving with our regular savings policy, Vista, your future plans could be closer than you think.

If you’re looking to grow your money over the next 10-15 years, Vista could be for you. It helps meet your financial goals in a structured manner, its key benefits are:

Grow your money

We have lots of investment options, depending on how you wish to invest - and what you're aiming for. Investing your money into funds can grow the value of your investment faster than a bank deposit or savings account.

Generous bonuses

Enjoy bonuses at every stage. Get a welcome bonus when you take out your policy, a loyalty bonus
every 5 years and a maturity bonus at the end of your policy to increase the value of your policy.

A plan made by you, for you

You can choose the length of your plan, the amount you pay in, the frequency of your
payments, your currency, your payment method and much more.

Built-in Life cover

In the unfortunate event that you pass away during your policy’s lifetime, your family will receive a lump sum payment, helping them at this difficult time.

See how your money could grow towards different goals

It may seem like a long way off but making provisions for your retirement early means that you can enjoy a higher standard of living when you stop earning.

Find out how much you need to save

The benefit of a top quality education is perhaps the greatest gift you can give your children but many parents are often surprised at the high cost of putting their children through university or college.

Find out what it may cost

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