Zurich Vista - a term based savings plan for medium to long-term goals

Vista – the term-based savings plan to help grow your money over medium to long term

Save with discipline, save with Vista and bring your financial goals to life. If you have medium to long term aspirations like saving for the retirement you want, funding your child’s college education or opening your own business in the future, then you should consider Vista.

Plan highlights

  • Through saving regularly Vista provides a way of linking today’s income, with tomorrow’s goals.
  • Vista provides access to an extensive range of funds giving you the potential to earn a return on your savings.
  • The plan provides a structure for disciplined savers to achieve medium to long term goals.
  • It is important to remember that Vista is not a bank account and the value of the plan may go down as well as up.
  • You can check the value of your savings plan any time by logging in to Zurich International Online.
  • In addition to helping you save, Vista provides the peace of mind that should you pass away the plan will pay an amount to your family.

You would take out a Vista to turn today’s excess income into a cash amount in the future

The world of saving and investing actually comes down to achieving three really simple goals – and the plan you put in place depends on which of these goals you are looking to achieve. If you are looking to take any extra income you have today, money that you don’t need for day to day expenses and put it aside to grow, you could invest it in a plan that allows for regular savings such as Vista. Once the cash amount is built up through sticking to your regular savings it is then used at some point in the future, for example to supplement retirement or pay school fees. Zurich savings plans like Vista and Target Saver can help you turn today’s income into tomorrow’s cash lump sum

Stay committed, get rewarded

The amount you save each month is called the ‘premium’ and how long you save for is called the ‘term’. You choose the savings amount and how long you want to save for. The minimum savings amount is USD300 a month and the minimum term is five years.

Vista is designed to help you reach your financial goals through disciplined savings. This means continuing to save until you reach the end of your savings term.

Vista has been structured based on your selected savings term, think of it like other term based financial commitments such as paying a mortgage.

Grow your money

We offer access to a wide range of investments; including our Zurich Target Dated Funds, Zurich Allocated Passive Funds, or Zurich Managed Funds. Alternatively you can choose from our range of Mirror Funds.

Find out more about our fund range and use our informative tools and calculators to take you through the basis of savings and investing. It’s really important to remember that the value of your plan may rise or fall depending on the performance of your chosen funds.

Tailor the plan to suit you

You can tailor Vista to suit your preferences - the length of your plan, the amount you pay in, the frequency of your payments and your currency. The good news is it is free to move between funds and you can actively manage your fund choice to get the best results for you.

Access your savings if you need it

In case of emergencies, you can withdraw money from the plan. The amount available will depend on how long you have had the plan and how much you have saved. Since this is a discipline-based savings plan, it is important to keep in mind that saving as planned will help you achieve your future goal.

See how your money could grow towards different goals

It may seem like a long way off but making provisions for your retirement early means that you can enjoy a higher standard of living when you stop earning.

Find out how much you need to save

The benefit of a top quality education is perhaps the greatest gift you can give your children but many parents are often surprised at the high cost of putting their children through university or college.

Find out what it may cost

This calculator is purely for illustration purposes only and does not constitute advice or guarantee amounts.

It’s a natural question to ask when taking out any kind of product – ‘how much is it going to cost me’. It is also easy to look at charges, total them up and come away with the wrong answers.

Long term savings demands discipline and commitment to your plan. Think about putting in place a structure linking today’s income, to your goals in the future – that is a savings plan.

Just to recap, the amount you save each month is called the ‘premium’ and how long you save for is called the ‘term’. You choose the savings amount and how long you want to save for

Your Vista charges are linked to the term you select and the premiums you have paid. Think of it a little bit like a loan or mortgage, the provider of these financial products will base their charges on the term you select and how much you will be paying each month – we do the same with Vista.

Maybe you own a Vista already or are thinking of starting one? Here are some simple steps to ensure that you get Vista to work for you.