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At Zurich, our corporate responsibility strategy aims to create value for both our company and for society as a whole. We use our core skills, risk and investment expertise, to have a positive impact on both.
Our primary focus is to support the young “people of determination.” This helps to recognise Zurich’s role beyond day-to-day business. With activities planned throughout the year, we ensure that there is maximum engagement from all our employees through volunteering and fund-raising.
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Investing in our communities


We support Manzil Centre and Al Noor School Training Centre who both cater to persons with disabilities and special needs. We do this through a variety of activities, which include our staff volunteering their time and undertaking activities to raise funds.

Women's Innovation Network

(WIN) – Middle East


Zurich's Women's Innovation Network (WIN) is an Employee Resource Group that was established in 2015. It aims to understand, accept and encourage diversity and inclusion in the workplace regardless of gender, and create insight into business success.
In the times we live in today, the life and role of women has seen a significant shift. Women are progressively taking on more responsibilities as join or primary providers for home, leaders of industry and providing a unique and ever varying voice that is greatly impacting positively on the world we live in. For me, leading WIN puts me in a prime position to be one of the catalysts for change in today’s world and how it affects women. A lot has been accomplished so far, but there are still significant gains to be made, and WIN provides one of the best platforms to make an impact within Zurich.
Rikita Nandkumar, Chair of WIN Middle East
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WIN Middle East accomplishments in 2017:


Agile working: Implemented a FlexWork initiative and enhanced our maternity and paternity policies
Career development: Implemented a mentoring programme and hosted career talks with our Executive Committee
Networking: Hosted regular events for staff to learn from each other and share both successes and challenges
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Z Zurich Foundation


Our involvement in The Z Zurich Foundation expresses our commitment to community upliftment at the Zurich Group level. Its mission is to help individuals and communities manage risk. Click here to know more.