We are always here for you to be Ready For Life

As part of our ongoing promise to help you staying in control of your financial future, during the COVID-19 situation, we are pleased to share our 5 Zurich customer commitments with you:

1Online service


With the help of our online portal ZIO (Zurich International Online) you can safely and easily access your policy, update personal information and complete fund switches to manage your finances.

To help you control your financial future and stay ready for life with ease, we’ve added beneficiary and credit card updates to the list of actions you can complete online on ZIO:

Update your credit card and beneficiary details online

To edit or update your Zurich policy, all you need to do is to log in to your ZIO account. With this new online service, you can update these important details on “Manage your policy” tab.

2Telephone Health Assessment


To ensure you get the right cover for mortgages or facility, we have introduced Zurich Tele-interview, the easiest and fastest way to get covered. Available in the UAE, Zurich Tele-interview replaces the existing requirements during this period and is applicable on policies with up to USD 2 million in life cover. Find out more


3Payment flexibility


We will offer you a three-month grace period from when the premium is due on your policy and support you with reinstatements and premium holidays during this time. Additional charges may apply as per your product’s terms and conditions. If you need any help, let us know.

4We Pay Customer benefits


We will not turn down a claim due to pandemic. In the unfortunate event of a death or benefit claim, where the underlying cause is COVID-19, we will pay your claim.


5We are listening to you


We are expanding Z-One, our online community, to all our Zurich policyholders to talk about their insurance needs and worries. We want to hear from you and guide you to be ready for life.

JOIN US and be a part our growing Z-One online community! Simply email us.


We hope that our commitments will help reassuring you of our dedication to you as our valued Zurich customer.

For more information about the above commitments, please reach out to your supportive financial professional or contact us