Key Man Insurance

Owning your business

Are you key assets protected?

You’re passionate about your business, so you’ll want to protect it the best way you can. Successful leaders understand that after years of hard work, they need to protect their company and employees for long-term growth and stability.

Why you should consider our SME solutions:

Key person insurance

Key Man Insurance

Key man insurance is a business-specific life insurance that can compensate a company for the loss of an important member of the business.

Running a great business means having a team of great people, but there may be one person who stands out. How would your business cope if that person were to pass away, or become seriously ill?

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Partnership insurance


The death of a partner can be an extremely traumatic experience and might jeopardize the stability of the partnership.

The remaining partners may be obliged to pay a capital sum to compensate the deceased estate. Partnership Insurance can release the funds to make this possible, and allow the established partnership to continue.

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Loan protection is a solution for companies wanting to pay-off outstanding loans if key employees - including owners - die, are diagnosed with a terminal illness, or a critical illness.

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