Term Insurance Plan

An introduction to life insurance

Life insurance provides financial help to those who depend on you to take care of them if you were no longer able to. You wouldn’t leave your home uninsured or drive your car without insurance, so why wouldn’t you financially protect your family or others that rely on you too?

Why do I need it?

If you have family or others that rely on your income, then it would be wise to consider life insurance. And even if you are single with no dependants, there are many good reasons why life insurance would be a good choice.


To take away financial stress

To take away financial stress

Would your family be able to manage financially if you were not around to take care of them? Life insurance can assist in paying school fees, rent and other day-to-day living expenses to ensure that your family is not left under financial stress.

You have debts or loans Icon

You have debts or loans

Personal loan, student loan, car loan, credit card expenses. Who would settle these debts? Life insurance can be used as protection to help ensure your family or friends don't have to pick up the bill.

To protect your home Icon

To protect your home

Life insurance can act as mortgage protection. If you pass away unexpectedly, your family can pay off any outstanding mortgage balance and stay in the home you have built together.

To fund your children’s college education Icon

To fund your children’s education

The benefit of a quality education is perhaps the greatest gift you can give your children. Money from a life insurance policy can be used to invest in your children’s future.

Replacing lost income Icon

Replacing lost income

If both you and your spouse work and one of you pass away unexpectedly, life insurance can replace the lost income so that your family can maintain their same standard of living.

Critical illness cover is an optional benefit available with most life insurance policies and pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of the illnesses covered. We cover an extensive number of illnesses including cancer, heart attack, and stroke.

Why do I need it?

Critical illness cover is designed to protect you and your family from the impact of illnesses, such as cancer or heart attack, and provide financial security in the face of a crisis.

Comprehensive cover

Adding critical illness cover to your life insurance policy can be a way of ensuring you have enough money to replace the loss of income and to pay for your living expenses and treatment while you recover.

Free cover for your children

We not only cover you but offer free children’s critical illness cover for up to three children, when you take a critical illness benefit.

Your employer might not offer critical illness cover

It’s worth checking the benefits you have through your current employer, as while many employers offer life insurance, not many include critical illness cover.

Another good reason to consider critical illness cover is that according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), people are five times more likely to claim on a critical illness policy than a life insurance policy before the age of 65.*


View the video below to hear Gary’s story in his own words.

Critical illness cover - customer stories

Dubai is an exciting place to live and living in the now is important. Planning for the future though is essential. Fortunately, these two Zurich customers were prepared and it made all the difference.

View the video below to hear Muskan’s story in her own words.

View the video below to hear Gary’s story in his own words.

Dubai is a wonderful place but..

Gary: “Sometimes Dubai can make you feel like you don’t have to worry about tomorrow, as there’s so much fun to be had today.”

Muskan: “Dubai is one of those places where you can make money, but it is so easy to spend it.”

The power of now versus the future

Gary: “People do think of the future but you don’t realise how quickly that future can suddenly come around."

Muskan: “We were 29 and we weren’t thinking about heart attacks and cancer, diabetes and kidney failures – you know all the grim stuff. We were just looking at shiny and bright Dubai and thinking about how amazing our life was.”

Critical illness cover? Why not?

Gary: “When I took out life insurance my adviser suggested that I add critical illness cover. I didn’t actually think at the time that I would ever use it.”

Muskan: “Taking critical illness as well didn’t make a big dent in our bank account – it was an extra dinner a month.”

An oasis of peace of mind within a stressful situation

Gary: “It’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Because you don’t know what’s going to happen to you tomorrow.”

Muskan: “The pay out from the critical illness cover took away the stress.”

In addition to life insurance and critical illness, we offer a wide range of optional covers for additional peace of mind if you are unable to work.

Why do I need it?

To pay your insurance premium
Our Waiver of Premium benefit will pay your policy premiums until the end of your plan’s payment term so you don’t have to worry about your cover when you need it most.

To help you adapt to a disability
Our Permanent and Total Disability benefit helps pay for the changes you will need to consider.

To help your family manage their day to day expenses
Our Family Income benefit replaces your salary should you become disabled or seriously ill.

To support you while you’re recovering
Our Hospitalisation benefit covers your expenses while you’re at the hospital so you can focus on getting better.

To help you cope with the loss of a limb
Our Dismemberment benefit pays out a cash sum to help you in the event of loss of sight or the loss of a limb.

We never want to think about the possibility of any of these unfortunate events happening but the reality is, they happen daily. Please talk to a financial professional about potential risks and your profession so he can help you make an informed decision about your protection needs.