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A quick comparison of our protection solutions

Compare our three protection solutions to understand the benefits and coverage offered by each option.

Policy type Whole of life protection Level term protection - benefit amounts remain level for the policy term Decreasing term protection - benefit amounts reduce to zero over the policy term
Prime purpose of policy Protection Protection Protection
Investment linked
Term Whole of life 5 - 35 years 5 - 35 years
Regular premium frequency Monthly, quartely, half yearly or yearly Monthly or Yearly Monthly or Yearly
Single premiums
Policy basis Single life, joint life first death, joint life both death or joint life last death Single life or joint life first death Single life or joint life first death
Policy currency USD, GBP, EUR or AED USD, GBP, EUR or AED USD, GBP, EUR or AED
Can benefits be changed after issue?
Medical second opinion service available?
Surrender value over time?
Compulsory benefits
Life cover
Terminal illness benefit
Aeroplane cover
Optional benefits
Critical illness benefit
Cancer cover
Permanent and total disability benefit
Waiver of premium benefit
Family income benefit
Accidental death benefit
Hospitalisation benefit
Dismemberment benefit