2019 Customer Benefits Paid Report - Health Risks in the Middle East

Being aware of the risks to your well-being is the first essential step to being Ready for Life. An understanding of prevalent health trends empowers you take protective and preventative action, safeguarding you and your family against unforeseen circumstances.

Our 2019 Customer Benefits Paid Report reveals key health risks in the Middle East, reinforces the importance of protection and demonstrates our strength in delivering to our promises.

Cancer and heart disease account for 92% of critical illness and 68% of life cover benefits paid
We paid more than USD 100M in customer benefits over the last three years.
93% of life cover and 94% of all critical illness customer benefits were paid.

So what are the key illnesses affecting residents of the Middle East? How well do we meet our commitments? What do some of our customers have to say?

Read on to discover some important insights revealed by our latest customer benefits paid study.


Cancer & Heart attack top the list

  • 68% of life cover benefits and 92% of critical illness customer benefits have been paid to those affected by cancer and heart disease.
  • Heart disease is more prevalent among men affecting 56% of male critical illness claimants.
  • Cancer is the primary concern for women making up 81% of female critical illness customer benefits paid.

It’s happening sooner than you think

  • Our Middle East data indicates that the life expectancy of customers who we have paid a life benefit to is 50 years.
  • The average age of a critical illness claimant is 48 years.
  • Our youngest life claimant was only 27 years of age.

Underinsurance is a key issue

  • 81% of critical illness claimants had USD 200,000 or less in cover. The rising cost of health care in the Middle East raises the question – is this sufficient to pay medical bills, allow time for recovery and secure your family’s future?

Zurich Middle East has been serving the region for over 30 years and in the last three years has paid out over USD 100 Million to the local community.

Our total benefits paid continues to rise and we pay all rightful claimants regardless of where they are in the world*.

Benefit payments made will be subject to any applicable trade or economic sanctions.

Total Benefits paid

Over a 5 year period the total benefits paid has increased by 52% to USD 102M in 2016-2018


Customer benefits were paid to customers in over 35 countries across the globe.


Between 2016 - 2018, 93% of life cover and 94% of critical illness claims were paid. The residual claims not paid were due to non-disclosure or fraud.

Watch inspired stories from our courageous customers across the Middle East and hear what they have to say about how they faced and overcame some of life’s greatest challenges.

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