Helping you plan for your child's future

An investment in your child’s education can help realise your their full potential, providing a legacy for their personal development and growth.

Startling statistics

The recent Value of Education report released by HSBC* highlights some interesting but startling facts:

  • 64% of parents would be willing to get into debt to fund their child’s university or college education 
  • 41% of parents think that funding their child’s education is more important than contributing to their own retirement savings
  • 22% of parents say that their child’s education is the financial commitment they would be least likely to sacrifice, if they had to cut back on their financial outgoings.

These statistics make a very important point – that most parents are willing to go to any lengths to fund their child’s higher education.

Mother holding son's hand

No need to panic

However, you really needn’t do anything drastic to fund your child’s education (like getting into debt). In reality all you need to do is to first understand what the costs are, and then start saving methodically towards them.


Understand the costs

To help you understand how much you should be saving, we have created a brochure which collates all of the costs - from pre-school through to University, which you can view here.

To calculate the actual cost to you, use our saving for education calculator.

What to do next?

Once you understand what kind of costs you are facing you can start saving today towards this goal. 

If you don’t yet have a savings plan for your child’s education, speak to your financial adviser to see what type of plan suits you. If you don’t yet have a financial adviser, you can find one here.

*UAE report, 2016