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The importance of education

From their first day at school through to graduation and beyond, the most valuable gift you can give your child is a quality education.

A banker or ballerina? Whatever your child wants to become in life, you have the power to turn their dreams into a reality. An investment in your child’s education can reap many rewards, most importantly, helping your child to realise their full potential.

Putting your children first

The below research shows that parents would do anything to fund their child’s education, including sacrificing their retirement fund and other lifetime goals to pay for tuition fees.

parents funding education

We asked a group of children in the UAE about their aspirations for the future

Understanding the costs

It’s important to have a holistic view of the costs associated with a quality education. Realistically, tuition fees are likely to rise as your child progresses through school, and there are other costs to consider too, such as books, transport, sports equipment and school trips.

From pre-school through to secondary school, you could pay USD143,872 in tuition fees alone. By the time your child reaches university, fees are significantly higher and vary considerably depending on both the field of study and university of choice. For example, to study Finance in the UK it would cost USD111,877, meaning it could cost AED 1 million….


Click here to calculate the costs of your child's education



Popular professions for UAE students and related courses.

The table below reveals the most popular undergraduate courses and fees associated with these professions

Undergraduate fees

Putting the right plan in place

With a disciplined long-term approach to savings, you can fund the best education for your child without worrying about the cost.

To help you understand how much you should be saving, we have created a brochure which explains all of the costs - from pre-school through to University, which you can view here.

To calculate the actual cost to you, use our saving for education calculator.

If you don’t yet have a savings plan for your child’s education, speak to a financial professional to see what type of plan suits you. If you don’t yet have a financial professional, you can find one here.