Life insurance - customer stories

"My name is Roger Carl Laubengayer, I am from America and have been living in Abu Dhabi for many years.

My wife and I made a financial plan with my adviser in 1994 for our future, part of that plan was a life insurance policy as we had two small children. At that time all we could afford was USD100,000 for each of us. And we set up the life insurance plan never thinking that we would ever touch it, we knew we had many many years together.

But then in 2006 my wife went in for routine surgery. The doctor told her she would be out in half an hour and it didn’t work out that way, there were some complications during the surgery and that led to an infection and after six weeks she couldn’t fight anymore and she passed away.

One of the first things I did was call my adviser and he was so good with me and so professional, and he helped me to process the claim very quickly, it was just a couple of weeks when we got the money and with that money I was able to pay off all of our debts including our mortgage. So, as we were facing this very difficult time we did not have any debts over our heads so we had a lot of peace of mind as I moved forward raising our two children.

I cannot thank everybody at Zurich enough for how quickly they helped me through that very difficult time and I will always be very appreciative of that."