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Critical illness cover - customer stories

Meet Muskan and Gary and their inspiring stories of strength and resilience.

Dubai is an exciting place to live and living in the now is important. Planning for the future though is essential. 

Fortunately, these two Zurich customers were prepared and the difference it made to them and their families goes beyond a lump sum payment. 

View the video below to hear Muskan’s story in her own words.

Dubai is a wonderful place but..

Gary: “Sometimes Dubai can make you feel like you don’t have to worry about tomorrow, as there’s so much fun to be had today.”

Muskan: “Dubai is one of those places where you can make money, but it is so easy to spend it.”

The power of now versus the future

Gary: “People do think of the future but you don’t realise how quickly that future can suddenly come around.”

Muskan: “We were 29 and we weren’t thinking about heart attacks and cancer, diabetes and kidney failures – you know all the grim stuff. We were just looking at shiny and bright Dubai and thinking about how amazing our life was.”

View the video below to hear Gary’s story in his own words.

Critical illness cover? Why not? 

Gary: “When I took out life insurance my adviser suggested that I add critical illness cover. I didn’t actually think at the time that I would ever use it.”

Muskan: “Taking critical illness as well didn’t make a big dent in our bank account – it was an extra dinner a month.”

An oasis of peace of mind within a stressful situation

Gary: “It’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Because you don’t know what’s going to happen to you tomorrow.”

Muskan: “The pay out from the critical illness cover took away the stress.”