About Zurichs claim staff

At Zurich we know that dealing with the trauma associated with bereavement or a critical illness is distressing. That’s why our claims team take great pride in the role they play to ensure your claims get paid as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

As the only insurance provider to publish claims statistics specific to the Middle East, you can rest assured that we have a track record of being there when it matters the most. View our latest claims statistics here.

Here are some real life stories that highlight the dedication of our claims staff when it comes to helping you obtain financial peace of mind at the time you need it most.

Staff story – Professionalism

Mr. D took out a Zurich life policy through a local bank in 2008. In 2014, at the age of 41, he died, leaving behind a wife and 3 children.

Mrs. D walked into a Zurich office shortly after this to process Mr. D’s life insurance policy. Mrs. D was not able to speak English very well, so the claim was processed in conjunction with a friend of the family, Mr. R. With the help of Zurich claims staff, Mr. R explained to Mrs. D which documentation was required in order for her to process the claim.

Mr. R was so impressed with Zurich’s handling of the claim that he sent this unprompted email to the underwriter and claims handler that managed the case…

Dear Ms. P

First of all, thank you very much for your professional handling of this case for Mrs. D, the late wife of my dear colleague and close friend.

These are some of the most challenging times in one’s life, and they truly test our human spirit to the maximum. However, throughout this adversity and strife, it is good to know that there are companies, like yours, who can be relied upon to stand by their commitments and make good on their promises.

Mrs. D has surely suffered a great loss - the greatest loss of all - in the passing of my dear and best friend. However, the prompt actions of your company will surely go a long way towards helping Mrs. D move forward, not just for herself but for the sake of their three young children.

Once again, thank you very much indeed for your courteous and efficient service.

Regards, Mr. R

Staff story – Going over and above

Early in 2011 Mr. X stopped paying his monthly premiums on his life insurance policy. Zurich sent a series of standard letters highlighting this situation to Mr. X’s P.O. Box address in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. One of these standard reminder letters got returned with a brief note from Mr. X’s employer, explaining that he had died.

Recognizing this as an unusual situation, Zurich’s claim staff looked into the case. The beneficiary of Mr. X’s life insurance policy was his mother, who at this time was 67 years old – and they took it upon themselves to track her down so that she could be paid her son’s life insurance policy proceeds.

The original paperwork showed there was only one way to reach Mr. X and that was through his employers address in Riyadh, which they already knew was not a suitable channel.

Determined to find the mother, Zurich’s claim staff tracked down the Mr. X’s employer’s company registration in Saudi Arabia and obtained some phone numbers. They called the numbers and after speaking to many wrong people, they finally got through to the correct person in Human Resources (HR). The HR Manager gave Zurich staff the details of Mr. X’s brother who was then living in Singapore. The brother was contacted by email, he helped with the paperwork, and the claim was settled a little while later.