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Online Portfolio Management


A seamless way to manage your Zurich policy investments online  

You already have access to view your policy details and investment performance on Zurich International Online (ZIO). Now you will be able to review and switch your current fund holdings and create a new investment strategy for your future investments. This is also known as ‘Rebalancing’ your investment.

Rebalancing is important

An investment portfolio is made up of funds that may invest across asset classes like equities, bonds, etc. The amount of your premium invested into each fund is set as per your financial goals and attitude to investment risk. Over the course of a year the funds in your portfolio may earn a different return resulting in a weighting change in your fund holdings. Rebalancing helps you to consolidate gains over a period of time and ensures your portfolio remains in line with your risk profile.

Rebalancing Img

How Online Portfolio Management works


Simple, innovative, and built with you in mind, Online Portfolio Management offers many benefits

ZIO Benefits

Watch the 'How to' videos:            1. Introduction

2. ‘How to’ authorise fund management requests

3. 'How to' Switch funds                 

4. 'How to' Redirect                        

5. 'How to' apply a Managed Strategy

6. 'How to' leave a Managed Strategy

Portfolio Management user guide

Haven't created your ZIO access yet?

We want you to keep up to date with your policy as knowledge helps you make better financial decisions. ZIO gives you a secure online access to manage your policy investments online and view:

  • Policy value and performance

  • Protection benefits and beneficiary details

  • Premium payment history

  • Investment strategy and fund holdings

  • Update your address or contact details

Make the most of your meetings with your financial professional to ensure the policy stays on track and you achieve the goals you have in mind.

For more information, speak to your financial professional

It’s easy to register.

Log on to zurich.ae, click on ZIO account, fill in your personal details, create your login information and you’re in.

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