Life insurance

Life insurance (often called ‘protection’) can do some pretty wonderful things. It can buy those you love the time to grieve. It can pay off your debts. It can keep your family in their home and fund your child’s college education. It can provide a lump sum for a spouse to live on and it can keep a family business in the family.

When it comes to protecting your family or your business, our award-winning products offer cost-effective protection for both individuals and SMEs.

Zurich has three different protection products, Futura – our flexible whole of life plan, International Term Assurance (ITA) – our level cover plan that provides cover over your chosen duration, and International Decreasing Term Assurance (IDTA) – a decreasing cover plan, where cover decreases over time in line with the loan it is protecting (such as a mortgage).

Savings & investments

Your children’s education, your own retirement, a dream wedding – whatever you are planning to save for we can offer you a way to do it simply, regularly and flexibly. And, once your savings needs are met, it’s time to grow your wealth and stay in control of your future.

Zurich’s award-winning products can help you save and invest confidently, at your own pace.

Simple Wealth is our newest product, it's a straight forward single premium product, great for customers looking for an easy way to invest and build wealth. It's a way of joining the thousands of customers who have selected Zurich Managed funds to build towards their future goals. Vista, our regular savings product, provides a way for you to reach your goals in an affordable and regulated manner. The Wealth Accumulation Plan is an investment product that provides an effective platform for you to growth your wealth. SavingsPlus is a Zurich regular savings plan issued solely by HSBC and InvestPlus is a Zurich investment policy issued solely by Citibank.