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Corporate responsibility

At Zurich, corporate responsibility is anchored in our strategic framework and aims to complement our business objectives and decisions with a range of environmental and social programs.

Core to our values

The Zurich Commitment and core values embed the principle of good corporate citizenship. These Corporate Responsibility principles guide decision-making and evaluating options in the way we conduct business. In turn, they help to create a better business and recognise Zurich’s role beyond day-to-day business, such as in the community and the environment.

Part of our strategy

Our global strategy includes programs to ensure our actions make a positive impact in all we do, and every community in which we operate. 

Local corporate responsibility

Locally, Zurich is active in investing in the community and each year Zurich staff wholeheartedly participates in a variety of fun, engaging and charitable activities, part of which centres around Global Community Week.

Global Community Week highlights and celebrates the activities, time and resources Zurich contributes to communities around the world. Zurich Middle East employees who participate in these programs understand that make a difference to the local community and are inspired by the experiences they undertake.


Investing in our communities

Zurich Middle East is a long time supporter and advocate of Manzil Centre for Special Needs. Manzil caters to a diverse group of students aged 4 to 30 who face mental challenges. Manzil has a variety of programs based on different models that address a wide range of learning differences.


Sharing time, skills and resources

Zurich Middle East supports Manzil through a variety of activities that require the volunteering of time as well as activities that aim to raise funds.


Supporting community events

Zurich Middle East are the proud title sponsors of the Zurich Corporate Rugby 6s, a fantastic annual family fun day and charity event that raises money for local charities. Zurich also fields a team comprising of employees, friends and family.

Health and safety

Investing to help individuals and communities manage risk

The Zurich Middle East Security and Health and Safety teams are committed to sharing their expertise with local charities. They offer free health and safety and risk inspections.