Our strategy

Zurich’s strategy is designed to deliver sustainable, profitable growth in a changing and more competitive business environment. We summarise our strategy under the headings ’’Who we are’, ‘What we do’ and ‘How we do it’.

Our strategic framework

Who we are

Founded in Switzerland in 1872, Zurich is one of the world’s most experienced insurers. Our customers choose Zurich to protect the people and things they love because they value our expertise, knowledge and stability.

We care about our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which we live and work. Our brand promise of intelligent protection is Zurich’s unique approach to understanding and managing risk – not only on behalf of our customers, but also in the long-term interest of all stakeholders.

We share our risk expertise and insights with customers, communities and other stakeholders to help them understand the risks they face.

What we do

We are prioritizing investment in distinctive positions – our high-potential market positions – in the corporate market, commercial mid-market and select retail markets. We are managing other businesses for value.

This means optimizing selected Global Life in-force books and maximizing returns in our smaller General Insurance markets, while turning around or exiting under-performing businesses.

How we do it

We are growing our operating earnings by reducing complication and overhead costs throughout our business, increasing operational efficiency and improving processes, and enhancing investment returns. We are also building the necessary supporting capabilities. This includes investing in our people; laying the foundations for industry top quartile operations and technology; investing in the Zurich brand with its promise of intelligent protection and building our reputation.

In all that we do, we are living up to the Zurich Commitment to stakeholders, which includes acting responsibly throughout our business and following our core values.