Managing property risk demands a world of experience

Zurich is an established player in the property insurance market, and underwriting global and domestic property risks for large corporate customers is one of our major product lines. We manage property and business interruption risks, including supply chain risks, for customers globally, protecting against loss or damage to their buildings, machinery and stock.

Our solution

Thanks to our experience as a global leader in property insurance, we fully understand your coverage issues. We offer a unique approach using both market standard and manuscript wordings that are tailored to meet your concerns and expectations.

Why Zurich

  • Our global network and capabilities mean we can offer global property insurance that covers multiple territories, in up to 180 countries.
    By coordinating and implementing compliant cross-territory programmes, we ensure that our customers are in control of their overseas coverage, therefore avoiding compliance, language, cultural and business practice barriers.

  • Capacity of up to USD 315 million

  • We work closely with our customers to understand their risk transfer requirements and to provide tailored solutions and unique services.

  • Our appetite is driven by risk quality and customer engagement – our focus is not only on industry and exposure type.

  • We will look at businesses on an individual basis from a vast spectrum of industry segments, including retail, hospitality and telecommunications, and heavy industries such as aluminium, iron and steel and high tech.

Contact us

For more information on our Property Insurance, please contact your broker or contact a Zurich representative on