Insurance and risk solutions tailored to mining

Zurich Energy provides a broad range of risk solutions, risk engineering services and claims support for mining customers. Our risk management solutions are designed to help you better understand your exposures and protect your assets.

Our solution

Some of the key reasons why mining companies turn to us for risk management solutions include:

  • first-party property insurance

  • machinery breakdown

  • time element coverage

  • Primary General Liability, Umbrella Liability and Workers Compensation

  • a wide range of property risk management solutions through dedicated energy underwriters

  • casualty services ranging from general liability to full umbrella coverage and extensions

  • our library of mine site assessment grading, which allows us to benchmark your specific needs against mining industry specific data

  • risk engineering specialists who can work with you to identify risk exposures and help develop a loss mitigation programme.

Zurich Energy offers primary property and casualty coverage for mining companies and associated supporting companies including:

  • hard rock mining

  • metal/non-metal mining

  • processing facilities

  • mining contractors

  • mining equipment manufacturers & distributors

  • mining equipment maintenance and repair.

We can offer up to USD 150 million of locally controlled capacity.

Why Zurich

We offer our mining customers access to our 800 risk engineering specialists across the globe. They are able to provide benchmarking, risk engineering advice and both a local and global service.

These industry veterans can work with you to evaluate exposures, identify loss scenarios and assess safety-related communications.

Claims are handled by specialists who are intimately familiar with the unique issues involved in mining-related losses. Our dedicated claims team effectively addresses both pre-loss planning and post-loss assessment.

Our broad network helps to ensure the local representation and service that you require.

Contact us

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