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Protecting your employees

A host of accidents and injuries can impact your everyday business. With frequent exposure to accidents and injuries, there is a risk of additional expenses and losses to your business.

On-duty cover may not suffice as accidents can happen outside your work premises, leaving employees and your business exposed.

Group Personal Accident cover gives you peace of mind and protects your employees and your business if an accident happens.

Our solution

Zurich’s Group Personal Accident (GPA) solution can cater to a wide range of businesses, from SMEs to the biggest companies in the world. We pride ourselves on working closely with brokers and customers to understand their expectations and needs ,and provide customizable protection supported by seamless service.

GPA provides best-in-class coverage with a flexible menu of additional options including:

  • fractured bones

  • burns

  • permanent disablement with a wider scale payout (up to scale four) than market offering

  • weekly payout for total/partial disablement

  • accidental medical reimbursement

  • hospital cash (accident and/or illness)

  • domestic assistance

  • child tuition

  • moving expenses

We also provide an exclusive Illness extension that includes:

  • death/PTD/PPD/TTD &/or TPD due to illness

  • replacement and visitor benefit to the policyholder

You have the flexibility to customise your policy and:

  • provide cover for employees’ spouses and dependants

  • extend the employees’ age limit up to 75 years old

  • provide cover anywhere in the world, whether on duty or not. Simply let us know your intended location and the time scope. For example, 24 hrs/worldwide or On-duty/whilst in UAE

Why Zurich

  • Peace of mind across multiple territories

Our global network and capabilities mean we can offer GPA across multiple territories in over 100 countries. By coordinating and implementing cross-border programs, we ensure our customers feel in control of their overseas coverage and provide a unified insurance solution, avoiding language, cultural and business practice barriers.

  • A dedicated GPA claims team

Our dedicated GPA claims team deals with claims swiftly and professionally to ensure a fair and prompt claims service.

Contact us

For more information on Group Personal Accident, please contact your broker or contact a Zurich representative on GCIMEenquires@zurich.com.