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Protecting your corporate officers from potential liability

Quickly changing regulations and legal requirements, economic turbulence and expansion into new territories and markets, have created unprecedented liability risks for corporate directors & officers (D&O). The threat of litigation and investigation is growing in all businesses – and the consequences for corporate leaders and their companies can be enormous.

Our solution

Our D&O policy helps manage the potential liability exposures of executives by paying defense costs, as well as damage awards and settlements (as long as no intentionally fraudulent behavior or illegal profit is established). Our D&O policy protects the personal assets and careers of directors & officers and reimburses the company in case it indemnified its managers for D&O losses.

Our market-leading D&O wordings were tailor-made for Middle Eastern companies and approved for usage across the Middle East. They take into consideration local requirements while offering worldwide coverage. There are a number of extensions that have recently been developed in the D&O area, which are also accessible in our wordings:

  • Pre-claim events

  • Investigation costs resulting from a security holder derivative demand

  • Investigations commenced by an arrest and detainment or incarceration in a Foreign Jurisdiction

  • Directors’ kidnap response costs

  • Lifetime extended reporting period for retired directorsA broad definition of financial loss

We can offer capacity up to USD 50 million. However, please bear in mind that the deployment of the maximum capacity is very dependent on the risk’s quality and is only done on a very selective basis.

Why Zurich

We have a dedicated Financial Lines Claims Team in each region.

Actions brought against senior management can involve both the personal assets and impact their liberty, so it is vital to have the right claims support in this highly technical area.

  • The team is made up of qualified solicitors and experienced insurance professionals who are specialists in D&O claims, ensuring the appropriate experts are always allocated to the case.

  • The team is supported by a panel network of lawyers and adjustors on a global basis.

  • We have the resources to deal with all types of claim; from smaller disputes where cost-efficiency is the priority, to large-scale, global, multimillion-pound disputes involving a range of complex issues.

We will look at all risks and industries on a case-by-case basis.

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