Decoding the 4 customer expectations from life insurers

Walter Jopp, CEO – Zurich Middle East

COVID-19 has accelerated the demand for inexpensive, secure and instant solutions, without compromising on service or trust. This is no different when it comes to life insurance, both in the UAE and globally. Listening to the reactions from Z-One, our online customer insights community, the expectations of customers seeking life insurance can be broken down into four key dimensions, with differing levels of prioritisation based on personal needs and preferences: digitalisation, trust, customer service and cost. While customers value the speed and convenience in applying online, they are clear that this must be backed up by quality and a trusted brand. These dimensions have become the pillars of focus for us at Zurich Middle East when it comes to the development of our distribution, services and propositions. Our latest online life insurance solution for UAE residents, YourLife, is a product of these dimensions.

The four dimensions of customer expectations

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1Online interaction


While the life insurance landscape has been in the midst of rapid digital transformation, the current pandemic situation has furthered the demand for online purchasing and interactions. Over 80% of our Z-One customer members would consider buying life insurance online, a sharp change in customer behaviour within the UAE. Whether our customers are digital natives or digital immigrants, their expectation to research, connect, interact and purchase easily and efficiently online has never been stronger. YourLife enables them to do just that. The smooth online experience lets them understand their risk profile to deduce a suitable level of protection, apply and get covered online, within a matter of minutes. Our social media, website and online channels are alive with content and guidance to connect with and keep our customers informed about the importance of being ready for life.

2Trusted brand


As financial pressure intensifies due to pandemic, the need for trusted providers cannot be underestimated. Customers who prioritise service excellence, quality and brand integrity will understandably need more reassurance now. Our Five Customer Commitments initiative launched in April was built with this intention, to strengthen our resolve to customers through extended claims support and payment flexibility, as well as service and customer insight enhancements. When it comes to product and distribution, YourLife gives you access to contactless, tailored and immediate protection backed by Zurich’s financial resilience, regional experience and global expertise – offering assurance to our customers that they can count on us to be ready for life.



The financial impact of COVID-19 has inevitably led to a need for cost-efficient solutions. While protection has become top-of-mind for customers who want to safeguard the future of their loved ones, those experiencing financial strain need reasonable options. It is the role of life insurers to offer more economical solutions in these cost-conscious times and help the market overcome the insurance gap with affordable financial empowerment. With cover starting at AED 2 per day, YourLife offers instant financial protection with much-needed comfort and ease. You also get a 10% discount on your policy.

4Customer service


Despite customers embracing online support and interaction, their service expectations from life insurers remain high. The anxiety that COVID-19 has brought to society has increased this need to receive prompt and helpful service, be it to make a claim or to reach out for assistance on their policy. Our latest customer benefits report reveals that 90% of our claims were paid out within three days of receipt of documentation. As part of our core product suite, you are entitled to Zurich’s service commitment when you choose to get covered with a YourLife solution.