Here’s 5 ways we’re strengthening our commitment to you

Walter Jopp - CEO

Zurich’s purpose has not wavered. In fact, during this difficult period of COVID-19, our commitment to our customers has only become stronger and clearer. While the road ahead can feel stressful at times, we remain focused on reassuring and empowering them to take charge of your financial future. As part of this commitment, we've introduced a few solutions at Zurich Middle East to help customers access the right financial protection for themselves and their loved ones in an easy and secure environment.

Commitment 1: Online service

To give you seamless and contactless support as a Zurich customer, you can access and manage your policy online. All it takes is a two-minute registration process that can be completed online.


Commitment 2: Telephone Health Assessment


To complete a new term assurance or decreasing term assurance application for mortgages and facility, we have launched Zurich Tele-underwriting service. It’s a straightforward arrangement through which your medical screening is handled over the phone by a certified medical practitioner, allowing you to complete this pre-requisite for your application at home, and at a time that’s convenient to you.

Commitment 3: Payment flexibility

For our customers going through financial challenges due to COVID-19, we will support. We are offering a three-month grace period and support towards reinstatements and premium holidays to our policyholders. Additional charges may apply as per the product’s terms and conditions and if customers need any help, we encourage them to reach out to us.

Commitment 4: We pay claims


We at Zurich Middle East are here to help when it matters most by paying out our customer benefits. In the unfortunate event of death or critical illness primarily caused by pandemic, we will not turn down the life or benefit claim. You can count on us during this time.

Commitment 5: Listening to you

“The best way to understand people is to listen to them." - Ralph Nichols

The first step to better support our customers’ needs, concerns and expectations during this time is to listen to them. We have opened our Z-One online customer forum to invite all interested Zurich policyholders to share their thoughts, sentiments and feedback so we can align our solutions and services with these valuable insights, and exceed on their expectations. This is instrumental to our purpose and our very existence.

I take the opportunity to thank our customers for trusting us, and to reassure them that we are committed to empowering them through life’s ups and downs. The introduction of these support initiatives is a small testament of this and we will continue to bring more relevant and responsive solutions that stem from this intent. Watch this space.

Rest assured, we will get past this together and embrace the good times on the horizon! Stay safe, stay home and stay ready for life