The 5 C's to consider this Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Walter Jopp, CEO – Zurich Middle East

Childhood cancer awareness month serves as a great reminder of the leading cause of death by disease among children. As we recognize the children and families of those affected by this critical illness, we also try to conceive constructive ways to alleviate the adverse impact it can have, so we can be #readyforlife.

Consciousness: Be aware of prevalent childhood health risks

It’s encouraging to see a surge in awareness when it comes to health and wellbeing nowadays. Be it the current pandemic or other prevalent health risks, there’s a conscious effort made to stay informed and maintain good health. Taking preventive and protective measures goes a long way in feeling mentally reassured and prepared for anything unexpected. And it’s that assurance that helps you better handle the impact of the illness on yourself or your loved one in case it occurs.

Change what you can

We can’t control the future, but there a number of things that we can do to deal with the impact of a critical illness. One important consideration is ensuring the best possible treatment to support early recovery. Ensure your medical plan adequately covers the holistic costs associated with treating illnesses such as cancer, so you will have the peace of mind to opt for the best solution at the time of need. If it doesn’t, take the initiative to make a change to your current plans.

Choose a course of action

The thought of securing adequate cover for a loved one to treat an illness like cancer is probably one of the last things we want to imagine, let alone expect. But it’s harder to imagine ourselves being unprepared in such a situation. The very fact that this month is dedicated to childhood cancer reflects the importance of the cause, and prompts the need for early action. If it’s a case of reviewing your current health and life insurance plans – by yourself online or with your financial professional – ensure you take the necessary steps in good time.

Cut out any barriers

Although we want the best for our children, it’s hard to financially back all our wishes for them. Yet, when it comes to the wellbeing of our children, there should be very little to delay our decisions. Opt for easy, affordable and instant solutions that will help you take immediate action without worry. Zurich’s YourCare solution provides you with up to AED 1 million worth of cover for less than AED 4 a day. With Futura, our whole of life protection policy, you are entitled to a free children cancer benefit as a policyholder.

Cultivate their spirit

Ultimately, Childhood Cancer awareness month is about protecting our children, our leaders of tomorrow. Let this month also be a tribute to the spirt of our youth. By continuing to nurture their potential and energy, post their recovery, we can help them focus on pursuing their old or new dreams and aspirations confidently so they can look forward to a brighter future and to being #readyforlife.

Child Cancer Awareness Month reminds us about the importance of our children’s health and wellbeing. While we can’t control what happens, it’s initiatives like these that help us reflect, prepare and take the right steps to better handle such challenges. And be #readyforlife.