Walter Jopp, CEO – Zurich Middle East

You can’t underestimate the importance of dedication, drive and determination to get to the top of the league. Like with Manchester City F.C. – a team who strongly recognizes and embraces these ideals to stay at the number 1 position. We are proud to announce our new partnership with Manchester City F.C., that extends from a shared passion for sport, growing our vibrant Zurich community and accelerating our strive towards a brighter future!

The Zurich Blue Community

We reflect our partnership with Man City is more ways than just our colours, the people who define our community values with the joint goal of being ‘Ready for Life’ are what make us unique. As we welcome Man City citizens to the join the Zurich community they want to give back and have exciting prizes for you as well as your children who may have, or grow the passion for the beautiful game!


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The Top of the League Lifestyle

In the pursuit of your passion for sport, a healthy mind and body is a key ingredient to unlocking your full potential and achieving your best-case scenario. Man City and Zurich have collaborated to empower you to get to the top of the league about your passion for sport. It’s never too late to follow your passion and Man City encourages this from nurturing the youthful spirit in football from its grass roots all the way up to top level professional and beyond to the entire football community. Likewise, at Zurich we are here for your life journey helping you invest in yourself financially, physically and mentally and providing the protection for the bumps in the road to the top of the league.

Manchester City E-gaming

Our partnership with Man City aims to make champions of you on and off the football field! In the current COVID crisis we want to keep the sportsmanship alive among the football community and what better way than through our first E-gaming tournament. We are hosting the first tournament are giving you a chance to take on some of the Middle East’s finest FIFA talents to keep that friendly competitive spirit thriving.