Ramadan Kareem! With the Holy Month upon us, Zurich wants to reinforce the spirit of Ramadan as a time to reflect and celebrate with your loved ones. This Ramadan we want to empower you to keep healthy, protect your loved ones and protect your emotional wellbeing to help build towards your best-case scenario.

Protect your physical well-being

The fasting pillar of Islam is an important time to practice self-discipline, sacrifice and empathy for the less fortunate. Fasting comes with its health benefits and we want to share our key tips on how you can self-develop by leading a healthy lifestyle this Ramadan.

Hydration is key


With the summer heat coming early it is key to replenish fluids lost with at least 2 litres of water between Iftar and Suhoor.

Balance it out


Ensure your diet for Iftar and Suhoor is well rounded with, fibre rich carbohydrates, protein, a healthy amount of fruit and veg and some healthy fats.



Take 20 minutes a day for gentle exercise or some light stretching.

Protect your emotional health

Ramadan is a time to reflect and rejoice with family and friends. This unprecedented time means our Ramadan celebrations are much smaller with only our closest loved ones. Equally, it gives us the opportunity to reconnect with those we haven’t spoken to in a while and share our thoughts. This Ramadan, albeit physically distanced, make it socially connected. A good conversation can do wonders in helping us refresh and recharge

You make a difference

Now more than ever the spirit of Ramadan needs to be spread through compassion, caring for others, sharing your blessings with your loved ones and those less fortunate than you. It’s the small things in life that make the best difference, and here are a few that may make the difference for you, or your loved ones this Ramadan!

1 Organize virtual Iftars

Maintain your annual traditions while staying safe.

2 Support your children

With the turbulent school situation and being distanced from friends, they need the extra love and attention.

3 Check in with family

Give them a call to make sure they’re staying physically and mentally.

In reflection of the past we have seen what can go right, but have also experienced the bumps in the road in the journey of life. This Ramadan at Zurich we have also reflected on how we can help you protect your loved ones through the uncertainties of life, protecting them rocky as well as investing in them to be ‘Ready for Life’ for when everything goes right!

‘Send a wish’ with Zurich’s Ramadan contest

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1. Tag someone you love and
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We’ll enter your comment in a draw to win a healthy Iftar basket. All the best!