Reena Vivek - Senior Executive Officer, Zurich Workplace Solutions

Settling with ease in a region of potential

With its bold vision, passion for excellence and determination to be the best, the UAE is a country that attracts people from all over the world; people who are inspired by its phenomenal growth story and want to be part an innovative, forward thinking economy. It comes as no surprise that the region has become a long-term commitment for many people who are living and working here for longer. The government recognizes this shift and is prioritizing the creation of an environment in which talented individuals from all over the world can thrive and grow.

Zurich supports this great vision. As a significant step to building a strong savings culture, we are honored to have been selected by the DIFC to administer its path breaking End of Service Benefit solution, DIFC Employee Workplace Solutions or DEWS.


To sustain the prevalent drift of people living and working in the UAE for longer, it’s reassuring to see the government prioritize the creation of an environment in which talented individuals from all over the world can live and flourish. By leading major sustainable development initiatives such as the Expo 2020, the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy 2030 or the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, and other transformative projects like the Red Planet that are on the horizon, the UAE has confidently established itself as a future-thinking pioneer with tremendous earning potential and economic progress.

Being in the region for more than 30 years, Zurich is proud to have supported the growth of the UAE and to be driven by its vision to be among the best countries in the world by the Golden Jubilee of the Union. We do this through the provision of future-proof solutions and services, that help employers attract and retain the best talent, and empower employees to plan for and protect their financial futures.


Expatriates here have found it challenging to keep up with the cost of living while accumulating enough funds to secure a comfortable retirement. The UAE has recognized and started responding to this. A major reform was recently introduced by the DIFC to help employees secure and grow their End of Service Benefit (EoSB) entitlement and build towards a comfortable retirement.

We feel privileged at Zurich to be the Administrator of the DEWS proposition. DEWS is a progressive funded, professionally-managed defined contribution plan and addresses a critical need in the market as identified by the recent End of Service Benefits survey and report conducted by Zurich. The results of the survey clearly indicate that only 25% of employers provision for their EoSB liabilities, and where they do, less than 30% have those assets separated from those of the company by establishing a trust that protects the interests of the employees. Having made the UAE my home for the last 11 years, and understanding the importance of such a change, I am very excited that Zurich is a part of it. I look forward to the opportunity to provide a solution for both employers and employees to secure their long-term financial goals and help the UAE further strengthen its position as country that prioritizes the wellbeing of its residents.

Commitment to quality

As the most innovative country in the Arab World, the UAE fosters a culture of high standards, through its trade and business standards, innovative projects and techniques, and its transformative work and living environment. Their focus on innovation promotes sustainability, economic development as well as global appeal.

Zurich is driven by this vision of excellence and innovation. With the objective to onboard over 1,300 companies and over 20,000 employees within the DIFC, DEWS offers a world class platform from a panel of expert providers and is designed to be intuitive, hassle-free and secure, enabling the enrolment and contribution processes to be completed easily and efficiently. Through this process, employers will have financial comfort as the will be assured of meeting their EoSB obligations while employees will feel assured about receiving their gratuity. For the first time, employees on such a significant scale in Dubai will have the ability to make voluntary contributions to help save more for their future financial goals.

A place like the UAE encourages you to dream big, with considerable opportunity to realize those dreams, in an invigorating setting. And through these transformational times, Zurich Middle East remains committed to securing those aspirations by attempting to help the working force actively think about, build towards and be ready for life in this country that never ceases to amaze.

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