Andre Russell’s 4 pillars on being ready for life

Andre Russell and his newly named cricket bat – “Dre’s Thunder” – have been making it rain sixes in the IPL over the years. His most notable performance was at the 2019 tournament, hitting an impressive 52 sixes for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), where he went on to win the Maximum Sixes Award. This season, Andre Russell is bringing the storm to the U.A.E., who are hosting the IPL for the second time, and Zurich Middle East are proudly on board as official sponsors of “the world’s most explosive cricket bat”.

1Physical Health

In life, Russell embodies Zurich Middle East’s mantra of being Ready for Life by prioritizing his physical well-being and living an active and healthy lifestyle. When addressing the key to being a big hitting batsman, Russell emphasizes the importance of exercise being a balance of whole-body and core strength. According to him this helps generate power in any sport. He admits to being a fan of sit-ups and push-ups to contribute to his core strength which translates into his batting ability. Every individual has a unique center of balance in life, based on their assets and goals, which are constantly changing. Similarly at Zurich, we want to tend to every customer’s needs in protecting what they have earned and enable investing in their future goals to become Ready for Life.

2Pursuit of Passion

Russell’s success in cricket has earned him many nicknames from the fans. But, off the pitch, the name Dre Russ, in reference to his passion for music, shows his open-minded approach to life with multiple avenues of interest. Dre Russ’ approach has empowered him to chase his goals in the sporting world as well as the music industry. As a life insurer we at Zurich Middle East want to give society the opportunity to pursue their passions and make sure we have their back while they freely live out their potential.

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Like cricket, life is unpredictable and preparation for unforeseen adverse scenarios is crucial. Andre’s view on preparation is that “a good net session” is the game before the game and ensuring he is prepared is “what leads you into a good game the following day”. We too at Zurich believe preparation is not predicting what tomorrow might bring, but being confident that you are prepared for it by having the right level of financial protection and savings in place to overcome potential roadblocks. Whether its saving for your retirement, your child’s education or wedding, your dream house, a little preparation goes a long way in making your dreams a reality.


Earlier in the year, Andre Russell attended a coaching clinic hosted by Zurich Middle East where the next generation of cricketers were wisely told by the IPL superstar to avoid complacency, “Never take anything for granted and train hard.” In the same way Russell trains to protect his wickets, Zurich is here to protect your wickets with our suite of Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Savings products to help you be Ready for Life.

Here’s Russell talking to Gulf News about his approach to life and cricket.